May. 28th, 2009

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I woke up at 5am thinking about interest rates.

I knew that rates for mortgages fluctuated but it hadn't occurred to me that they would fluctuate so much that suddenly you wouldn't be able to afford the houses that you were looking at. I mean, we could technically be able to pay it but then wouldn't have enough left over to live comfortably.

The interest rate for our loan went up by a full point in the 3 weeks since we got our pre-approval!!!!

And just when we found a house we both really like! It had all the things we were looking for PLUS solar panels. A nice big backyard for Mr. Pants. Summer is here and Jack likes to be outside and living here that means basically hanging out in a big parking lot and I live in fear that the one second I go inside someone will get in their car and not see Jack. It kind of sucks for me to not be able to have him play outside while I do the dishes or whatever. Also sucking is that I can't see over the short kitchen counter thusly blocking my view of the front door and porch. Being short REALLY SUCKS sometimes.

We could still offer for the house if the interest rates go down. Or we could go to another mortgage broker. Is going to another mortgage broker bad because then they run your credit again and having your credit run makes your credit worse? Something like that... is that true?!

We have til end of day Friday to make an offer.
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Well, the first time I noticed anyway. And possibly it is imagined anyway.

Mom 1 to me: oh mom 2 is having a craft night. when she decides on a date i'll invite you.

mom2 to mom1: no way! do not invite her!

me: sad the next day when all the kids show up for playgroup in shirts their moms made for them at the craft night I was not invited to.

Oh ouch! Well, it is true that I don't know that mom very well so why should she invite me?


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