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i had a bunch of weird dreams last night.

in one i looked out the window and all the tall buildings around me had cars crawling all over them and in and out the windows like bugs. i was in a strange town so i thought maybe that was normal for there. and i was waiting for someone so that we could go stand outside to get a taxi to the airport. i hadn't been able to find any pants that didn't have a giant hole in the crotch so i was wearing a large white button down shirt tied around my waist. and flip flops. ew.
in an earlier part a friends dad was showing me an art exhibit that was like little bonsai fairy gardens but with real live tiny miniature animals moving around. every time i got close to it the animals would turn into plastic though.

I forgot about dream width the past 3 years! I stopped blogging on my other personal blog at least a year and a half ago and i kinda miss it. although i also don't have time for it. too many zombies to kill.

I may be back here. i'm ever so slightly less outraged with the universe lately so that makes me a bit more insipid and less likely to blog. i'm blogging about daises and shit elsewhere.

in other news i am reading a kids book entitled "girls who looked under rocks" about 6 pioneering women naturalists. the last paragraph for Maria Sibylla Merian made me burst into tears.
"Like a butterfly, Maria kept changing, too: from a girl, to a wife and mother, artist, scientist, and teacher. She kept an eye on lives so small that few others noticed their beauty. And she kept and eye on the horizon as she wondered what was beyond."

I was thinking the other day how annoying it is when people ask kids what they want o be when they grown up. i mean, i get why people ask it. it is fascinating to wonder what little kids will be like when they grow up and we want to imagine it! mr. dude told me the other day that he wasn't sure what he wanted to be and i said something like, you don't have to be one thing you can be however many things you want.

then i told him i used to work in an office like his dad does until he was born and then i decided to stay home with him for a while and THEN decided to go back to school to become something else. How i realized that working in that kind of office wasn't for me and how much happier i am now. he asked me tons of questions.

then he informed me that he had invented a new kind of car air-conditioning in which there are VENTS that let in the outside air as it whooshes over the car. a genius i tell you.

ROUND BREAD. someone should invent it for hamburgers!
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